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Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

Keeping your commercial refrigerator maintained is very important for keeping your business going.

The best way to keep your commercial refrigerator running well is by performing regular preventative maintenance on it.

Businesses that do not perform such regular maintenance can end up having to deal with costly emergency fixes. During such emergency repairs, large amounts of refrigerated inventory can end up spoiled.

Businesses will be saving money by regularly maintaining their refrigeration equipment to prevent emergencies like this from happening. 

Cleaning makes a difference

Regularly cleaning your commercial refrigerator can be one of the most important ways to keep it maintained.

Filthy and neglected refrigerators are not only an eyesore but can also be unsafe for human health.

At least two times per year you need to set an appointment for an HVAC expert to come out for a professional cleaning which includes taking apart your refrigerator to get dirt and other filth removed from the freezer.

Hiring a good local commercial refrigeration business to keep up with this bi-yearly maintenance is imperative. In addition to this twice-yearly deep maintenance, you should clean your commercial refrigerator regularly. 

Cleaning the condenser coil for your commercial refrigerator is important to do routinely. When your condenser coil is dusty or dirty, it can cause the temperature in the cabinet to rise.

This can possibly trigger other components to fail. The manual for your commercial refrigerator should show specific tips for cleaning the condenser coil. 

The evaporator coil is just as important as the condenser coil. Keep the area around this coil clean and clear on a regular basis.

If the airflow near the vents inside of the unit is blocked, the coil can freeze, and this can cause the temperature in the cabinet to rise and water to leak. 

Your drain pan should be cleaned at least one time per month with either soap and warm water or a vinegar solution. If the drain pan and tubes are not clean and clear, it can make your unit freeze up.

Additional ways to maintain your commercial refrigerator

Do not neglect door gaskets as they are vital to your refrigeration unit.

Broken gaskets must be fixed right away to avoid cool air escaping the unit.

Air filters should be checked often and degreased per the service manual’s instructions. I

f there is a lot of buildup, such as dust and grease, on your air filter, it can stop air in the unit from properly ventilating.

It is vital to wipe up liquids that build up on the shelves of your unit or the surface. Your refrigerator can freeze up if there is too much liquid.

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