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TSR have been designing and installing air conditioning for over 28 years.
The management of commercial builds is monitored by our projects team who ensures all assigned tasks are completed on time. Once the project is complete you will automatically be scheduled into our first years free maintenance program.

Our team is responsible for the complete process from design to installation.

Tony Stephens Refrigeration Commercial Air Conditioning

TSR’s Design and Construct projects are rapidly growing with their unique unlimited design licence leaving no limits. This renowned QBCC licence sets TSR apart and enables them to design, install, commission, service or repair refrigeration, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for a building.
From the initial design and estimate, to the construction period and finally the warranty and maintenance period, TSR’s construction team in conjunction with our service team can provide customers with the best solution, whatever the requirements may be.
TSR has been successful in completing major projects for international, national and local companies.

TSR supply and install a range of wall mounted air conditioners designed for those wanting the comfort of a unit that blends discreetly with its surroundings. The split system units for our commercial customers offer a pleasing design as well as functional appeal. We ensure the units are compact and powerful yet, quiet and energy efficient. They are designed for Australian conditions and are built tough to last!

A ducted system provides discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire organisation. It can be installed in a new building or tailored to suit an existing one, and once installed, only the controller, the return air and discharge grilles are visible inside.
Ducted air conditioners comprise of an indoor and outdoor unit and flexible ducting. The indoor unit covered out of sight, in the ceiling or under the floor, with ducting distributing conditioned air through vents located throughout the building. Our professional installers ensure the outdoor unit is positioned in a discreet location outside.

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