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Service and Maintenance

TSR provides around the clock service of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning service and systems. TSR’s  premises consist of modern offices, a fully equipped spare parts area, storage facilities, workshops and an  innovative training and conference arena.  TSR ensures that all service vehicles and technology systems are fully equipped and updated in order to maximise customer service.

“Maintenance is important. It has real value.”
Tony Stephens, Director and Owner of TSR

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

HVAC&R systems provide comfort conditions within a building. Owners rely on these often complex systems to successfully operate. Failure to maintain HAVC&R  systems reduces their useful life, increases their operating costs, and introduces unreliability, dissatisfaction and risk to a business’ operation.

TSR believes maintenance to be extremely significant. It improves safety, increases efficiency, reliability and satisfaction. Maintenance is about knowing and doing,  knowing what needs to be done, knowing how to do it and doing it.

TSR are the experts at creating scheduled maintenance programs. We closely follow the AIRAH DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance Guidelines and have mastered the art and  practice in the planning, specification, delivery and management of maintenance for HVAC&R systems.

Lifecycle of the HVACR System

Tony Stephens Refrigeration HVACR

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