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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Maintenance and Service

TSR provides around the clock service of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning service and systems. TSR’s  premises consist of modern offices, a fully equipped spare parts area, storage facilities, workshops and an  innovative training and conference arena.  TSR ensures that all service vehicles and technology systems are fully equipped and updated in order to maximise customer service.

“Maintenance is important. It has real value.”
Tony Stephens, Director and Owner of TSR

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

HVAC&R systems provide comfort conditions within a building. Owners rely on these often complex systems to successfully operate. Failure to maintain HAVC&R  systems reduces their useful life, increases their operating costs, and introduces unreliability, dissatisfaction and risk to a business’ operation.

TSR believes maintenance to be extremely significant. It improves safety, increases efficiency, reliability and satisfaction. Maintenance is about knowing and doing,  knowing what needs to be done, knowing how to do it and doing it.

TSR are the experts at creating scheduled maintenance programs. We closely follow the AIRAH DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance Guidelines and have mastered the art and  practice in the planning, specification, delivery and management of maintenance for HVAC&R systems.


Lifecycle of the HVACR System

Tony Stephens Refrigeration HVACR

Why do I need an air conditioning maintenance and service?

If you have an air conditioning unit or system in your home or business, regular servicing is a must to keep everything working as it should be.

An expert air conditioning service like the one offered by our team at TSR, can help to ensure your air conditioning runs as it should day-in, day-out, every single day of the year.

Servicing extends the life of your air conditioning system

An air conditioning system that’s never serviced or maintained is far less likely to last for a long time.

Much like your car or other electrical machinery around your home or business, not properly maintaining your air conditioning may mean you’ll need to buy a whole new system sooner.

With proper care and maintenance, the average system will last for potentially years more. Saving you money and keeping you cool in the process.

Air Conditioning Maintenance helps to spot problems before they get worse

An expert maintenance service not only keeps your air conditioning in great condition, but it also means issues can be spotted before they become worse.

A problem that could entirely break your system might have an easy and affordable fix if spotted earlier.

By regularly servicing your air conditioning, you can potentially save costs on repairs too.

The Importance of Split System Air Conditioning Cleaning

Split System Air Conditioning Cleaning is essential for maintaining your system’s health and efficiency. When dirt, animal hair, and dust accumulate in the system’s filters, your air conditioner can lose cooling capacity, start to make loud noises, and present several hazardous health risks to you and your family, staff, customers, or co-workers.

Professional servicing keeps air conditioning in peak functionality

Poor-quality air conditioning can be a problem for many homes and businesses.

While some HVAC systems are past their prime, in other cases, regular servicing can improve the quality and functionality of your air conditioning system.

To keep your air conditioning running at maximum efficiency, scheduled servicing is a must.

How often should you service your air conditioning?

Scheduled maintenance can vary depending on the specific nature of your air conditioning, but we’d always recommend having a service booked in once a year.

In households or businesses where an HVAC system runs around the clock, you may want even more frequent services to ensure everything is running as it should be.

Why choose TSR for Air Conditioning maintenance and servicing?

As air conditioning experts, we believe that maintenance is a must to keep your air conditioning system running properly.

If you need a high-quality air conditioning service in Gympie, our specialist and highly-trained team can make annual servicing as quick and easy as possible.

Whether you have a complete refrigeration system in your business or standard HVAC in your hotel, our team are up to the task.

Excellent customer service is our top priority at TSR, and our team works hard to ensure the work we do is of the highest standard.

We’re familiar with a wide range of air conditioning systems, and as a local service, we’re available when you need us.

If you have an HVAC or air conditioning in Gympie that’s overdue a service, get in touch with our expert team today on 07 5482 8100 or by using the form below.

We’ll provide you with a free quote for our services and get you scheduled for initial maintenance at your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions on Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Don’t forget to schedule your AC maintenance at least once a year. It’s recommended to have a professional service for your air conditioner in the cooler months!

Typically, AC maintenance costs range between $135 and $250 per system, depending on the specific services needed.

Recognizing the Top 5 Indicators for Overdue Air Conditioning Repairs: 5 Clear Signs It’s Time to Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

  • Warm Air Instead of Cool Air
  • Unusual and Loud Noises from the AC
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat
  • Unwanted Water Leakage from the AC Unit
  • Unexpectedly High Electricity Bills

For a general service, our experienced technicians conduct visual checks of the system, clean the return air filter, wipe over the front fascia and apply a self-flushing evaporator coil cleaner. They carefully examine the condenser unit to ensure unrestricted air circulation.

A deep clean service includes all the components of a general service, plus: the coil, drain pan and fan wheel are washed using a mixture of coil cleaner and water. The residual water is captured and drained into a 20L container, keeping everything dry and spotless clean.

Here’s the typical lifespan of common AC types:

Split system AC units: 12 years
Ducted AC units: 15 years
Packaged AC units: 15-20 years with proper maintenance

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