Air Conditioning Specialists in Gympie

TSR was established in Gympie in 1987 by Director and Owner, Tony Stephens. Tony had a vision to grow a refrigeration business in his home town of Gympie. Tony completed his training on site at Amberley Air force Base in Ipswich, where he gained extensive experience with large air conditioning systems.

TSR are industry leaders in the field of HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration). Headquartered in Gympie Queensland, we have been the leading service provider for over 28 years in the Wide-bay and South-Burnett Regions.

Supermarkets, Manufacturers, Builders, Health Organisations, Industrial and Domestic Customers trust us to keep their investment secure.

TSR’s commitment to the industry in providing 24 hour service and support has seen the company grow into one of the most reputable air conditioning and refrigeration businesses in Queensland.


TSR believes structured management is the vital tool to solving problems and improving service and operations.
As the business has grown, it has established an innovative and efficient team.


Operations and Service

Working together, our Service Manager and Qualified Mechanics provide the best possible service required to monitor and meet individual customer needs. As HVAC Industry Specialists, we know that minimising downtime is critical to our clients operations. We offer routine maintenance with a 24 hour 7 day breakdown service, commercial or household needs all catered for. Our technicians are fully qualified, and have been trained and hand picked for their proven analytical abilities.

Training and Education

TSR are actively involved in continuing professional training and guidance which enables the company to maintain current knowledge of industry standards and trends. As training facilities are not readily available in remote areas, TSR have implemented a computerized training program which simulates the complete family of faults associated with commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.
TSR are proud to have trained eleven apprentices, all of whom are still active and successful in the industry.
With professional knowledge, expertise and training TSR is continually looking to improve its level of service.

Sales and Projects

For over two decades, TSR has established itself as a leading Air Conditioning Company and Air Conditioning Suppliers, specializing in top-notch design and installation services. Our Sales and Project Manager is responsible for the complete process from design to installation. The management of the project is monitored by our Project Coordinator who ensures all assigned tasks are completed on time. Once the job is complete you will automatically be scheduled into our first years free maintenance program.

Our alliance with quality sub-contractors provides the level of service required to complete larger building projects on time. Some of these include; Duct Installation Specialists, M&E Service Engineers, and Draftsmen. The combination of quality suppliers, sub-contractors and TSR’s team is guaranteed a professionally completed project.

During the past 28 years of professional service TSR has secured many local, national and multi-national clients whose business relies on refrigeration and air conditioning to successfully run our organisation.

Our Licences

What is an ARTICK licence?
Having an ARTICK licence is essential to operate in the HVACR industry. It guarantees the installers and technicians are appropriately trained in all aspects of the safe installation of air conditioners and refrigeration equipment.
Why should you look for the tick?
Looking for the ARC tick will give you peace of mind that the technician working on your equipment is professional and qualified and will adhere to the Industry’s Code of Practice. You are also doing the right thing by the environment and the law!

TSR holds an “unlimited design” QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licence and is therefore qualified to design air conditioning systems of all sizes. This licence is most important and will always be made available to the client for their security and safety.
TSR also works closely with consulting engineers to achieve the best possible result for their clients. On many occasions TSR has been able to design and construct projects under their unlimited design licence. The success of these projects is reflected by the continued maintenance contracts established since completion.

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