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All About Split System Air Conditioner Installation

If you are looking for air conditioning in Gympie, you have probably come across the phrase ‘Split System Air Conditioning’ and you are wondering what it is.

Here at Tony Stephens Refrigeration we install and maintain all sorts of split system air conditioners, so let us explain what they are and what they do. 

A Part Inside and a Part Outside

Part of the distinction of split-systems is that part of your air conditioner is inside your house and part is outside.

There is a part inside that pumps out temperature-controlled air, and there is a noisy part outside that does all the air cooling work and all the venting work. 

Seven Foot off The Floor

The part that goes indoors must stand at least seven foot up off the ground. It needs to be high up because it works more efficiently that way. 

There is an Outside Condenser

A hole has to be drilled through your wall in order to fit the tubes and wires that run all the way to your condenser.

It is a fan-like device that sits outside. The larger it is, then the more noise it makes.

Though, these days, they are very advanced and make far less noise than they did in the 90s.

It needs a fair amount of room around it to let air flow freely, and it is best to install it away from dust and wind because they can affect its effectiveness. 

The Big Adjustments

You are probably going to need a concrete pad installing outside because it is important that the condenser is on a level and strong platform.

The part that goes in your house will need to be properly secured to the wall because it is not something that will survive if it falls.

There is also a need for pipes to run through your walls.

Wiring the device up to your electricity is also a tricky job since there are certain places where the wires can be connected. 

Conclusion – You Need a Professional to Install Your System

If you are looking for air conditioning in Gympie, then you will need a professional to install your system.

It is not a big job, but there are delicate operations that require professional expertise and tools. If you are interested in split-system air conditioning systems, then get in touch with us here at TSR.