Commercial Fridge In A Pub

Expert Tips for Increasing Your Commercial Refrigerator’s Efficiency

If you have a commercial refrigerator in Gympie, you naturally want it to be as efficient as possible because it saves you money and possibly extends its lifespan.

Here at Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we specialise in commercial refrigeration and everything that goes with it.

That means you can count on us when you have questions. Here are some answers to your efficiency concerns.


Install Adaptive Devices

These adaptive devices are great for controlling the amount of condensation on the doors of your commercial refrigerator.

The device helps sense moisture levels and turns on and off automatically as needed to keep condensation and temperatures at the correct levels.


Keep it Clean

One of the best ways to boost the energy efficiency of your commercial refrigerator is to keep it clean and well maintained.

Make sure the entire unit is clean and dust-free so that airflow throughout the interior of the refrigerator is optimised.

You can do this using mild soap and a clean cloth to wipe away dust, food debris, and other waste so that it’s not impeding the free flow of air.

In addition to cleaning the inside of the fridge, make sure the outside is well cleaned as well. That includes the coils to ensure that heat transfer works well.


Install Motion Sensors

Using motion sensors inside your commercial refrigerator is an easy way to save energy costs on having the lights on and off inside your unit.

The motion sensors will detect when you open and close the fridge so that the lights aren’t on when you don’t need them.

This is a simple way to save money and reduce your energy usage, which is also an environmentally friendly option that you can feel good about.


Trap Refrigerated Air Inside

If you have an open-air commercial refrigerator, you want to be sure that the cold air inside isn’t escaping.

Using night curtains is an easy solution for counteracting this issue. When they’re in place, the curtains trap cold air so that it’s not getting out, which would require the unit to work harder and run longer.

You can close the curtains when you’re not using the fringe and then move them out of the way when you need access.

If you need help with your commercial refrigerator in Gympie to make it as efficient as possible, contact us here at Tony Stephens Refrigeration for more information and to organise an appointment with us today.