Air Conditioning Maintenance: Expectations vs Reality

Air Conditioning Maintenance: Expectations vs. Reality

Your air conditioner is an integral component of your home or business. From maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the year to reducing indoor pollution, your AC is essential for creating a comfortable, safe environment. This means that preventing your home or office air conditioning from breaking or malfunctioning is of utmost importance.

Below, the air conditioning specialists at Tony Stephens Refrigeration go through some of the misconceptions and expectations surrounding AC repair and maintenance services.

Your Air Conditioning Will Run Without Any Problems

Modern air conditioning systems work wonders. Sadly, you can’t expect your systems to keep working for a long time without any problems. The reality is that an air conditioner, like any other electrical appliance, has parts that will gradually wear out and requires regular maintenance to function at its best.

Unique circumstances, such as office air conditioning working round the clock, or the irregular presence of pollutants, can also cause issues earlier than you may expect. It’s wise to anticipate this by consulting air conditioning specialists who can create a tailored maintenance schedule to keep your system running efficiently and spot any problems early.

Air Conditioning Repairs Are Only Needed When It’s Broken

You may expect your air conditioning system to be working fine, if the units are turning on and cooling and/or heating the building. The reality, however, is that air conditioners don’t just break down. Unfortunately, signs of small leaks and electrical damage are often hidden and can lead to inefficiency and poor function.

Identifying and resolving these faults is essential to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Ensure your air conditioning system gets routine maintenance, during which any developing problems can be identified and fixed before they get out of hand.

HVAC Maintenance Services are All the Same

Many people expect maintenance service providers to all be the same, however, you must do your due diligence when choosing contractors to service and repair your air conditioners. One contractor can differ significantly from another in terms of skill levels, experience, specialised knowledge, and professionalism.

For example, Tony Stephens Refrigeration are experts at creating scheduled maintenance programs that closely follow the AIRAH DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance Guidelines. We have mastered the art of planning, specifying, and delivering tailored maintenance for HVAC&R systems.

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