Split System Air Conditioning Installation Tips, QLD

Split system air conditioners are extremely popular because of their power, efficiency and noiseless cooling and heating. They are relatively easy to install and require no ducting like ducted air conditioning systems. At (TSR) Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we provide our customers with world-class A/C installation systems that are energy efficient and capable of handling extreme environments. Our technicians use their skill and experience to ensure that your split system is installed in keeping with the highest technical standards.

Setting Up the Indoor Unit

Here are just some of the factors to consider while installing a split air conditioning system.

Strength of The Supporting Wall

The indoor unit of a split AC must be installed on a wall that is strong enough to support its weight for years. It should be a wall that the technician can cut a hol into to feed the pipes to the outdoor unit. Make sure you choose a location that is protected from direct sunlight and heat. If you’re unsure on the best positioning of your unit, our TSR sales team are here to help.

Appropriate Height from the Ground

Air conditioners produce cool air that naturally flows down into a room. While your unit needs adequate space on every side for proper air flow, it also needs to be installed at the correct height so that warm air can naturally rise upwards towards the unit and cool air can flow downward properly.

Location of Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit must be installed away from direct sunlight and water. It requires a significant amount of open space on each side so that heat from the condenser can be efficiently dissipated.

Distance Between Indoor and Outdoor Unit

The key to efficiency in air conditioning is to ensure that the distance between indoor and outdoor units is minimal. At TSR, we aim to achieve efficiency by preventing loss of cooling when the refrigerant passes between units. By keeping the distance to specification, we make sure that you get the very best results from your commercial or residential units.

High-Quality Split Air Conditioning Systems

TSR (Tony Stephens Refrigeration) has the knowledge and experience to install split air conditioning systems in every kind of space. Whether you’re protecting your family from the summer heat or boosting productivity in the workplace, we’ve got the cooling and heating solutions you need. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.