Ideal Temperature for In-Home Air Conditioning

As summer sets in, air conditioning unit owners across the country are faced with the constant task of setting and changing thermostat settings. The goal is to get the best cooling from your unit while keeping energy bills under control. At TSR Tony Stephens Refrigeration, years of experience has taught us that maintaining the ideal temperature in your home is about more than tweaking the thermostat. Read on for summer cooling tips from the TSR air con team.

Set Thermostat To 24°C

When it becomes hot, it is our natural instinct to drop the thermostat to 20-21°C to beat the heat, only to raise the temperature again when it becomes too cool. The more you change your thermostat setting, the greater the energy used by the system. To get around this, we recommend keeping the thermostat at 24°C throughout the day so that the unit only has to make minor adjustments as the home becomes cooler in the evening. Keep in mind that dropping the thermostat temperature by 1° can increase energy costs by 10%.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help circulate cool air throughout a space and assist your AC unit as it cools down the warmest parts of the room. A fan also helps push cool air down and pull warm air up and away from you. Using the fan while the air conditioning unit is cooling the room reduces the load on the unit and can reduce your overall energy usage.

Quality Insulation

Insulating your home with quality insulating material is not just useful in winter. Insulating walls and ceilings helps keep cool air inside your home and can cut energy usage by 30%-40%. Your AC unit will use less energy to cool a well insulated home and allow you to maintain an ideal temperature even during extreme heat waves.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning in Queensland

At TSR Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we believe that world-class air conditioning should be accessible to all Australians. Since 1987, we have cemented our place as industry leaders in air con installation and maintenance for commercial and residential spaces. Contact the TSR team for cutting edge TSR air con solutions that are effective and energy efficient.