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Efficient Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions in Gympie

Cost-effective air conditioning is crucial for every small business. To achieve great long-term savings, however, it’s more worthwhile investing in a quality AC system that runs efficiently, keeping staff and customers comfortable while reducing costs long term. At TSR, we specialise in providing tailored air conditioning solutions for businesses in Gympie. Here are some tips on maximising efficiency.

Proper Sizing and Load Calculation 

Effective commercial air conditioning solutions take into account the size of your building along with your heating and cooling needs and the total load. An oversized unit for a smaller space or an undersized unit for a larger space can waste energy and negatively impact efficiency, increasing costs. To calculate the load, you need to calculate:


  1. The square feet of the space
  2. Heat gain/loss through the windows
  3. Heat generated by occupants
  4. Heat generated by each item machinery like computers, TVs and ovens
  5. Heat generated by lighting


Add the above together to find the total heat load and then divide the heat load by the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit in Kw, to determine what size or number of air conditioners are needed. Factors such as the building design, orientation and insulation also affect the net load and need to be considered.

Benefits of Replacing Your Old AC System

When it comes to reducing business costs, an energy efficient air conditioning system can go a long way. If you currently have an older, less efficient system in your commercial premises, replacing them with newer, energy efficient models is a simple way to both increase your comfort while enjoying great long term savings. 

An efficient air conditioning system can save up to 30 per cent on bills each year compared to older models in disrepair. Our team can advise you on the best options for your specific situation, taking into account your budget, the size and space of your premises and any other important considerations.

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