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Air Conditioning as an Investment for Your Home

Many Queenslanders today see air conditioning as an essential part of life. Home and business owners alike wouldn’t be without its comfort and quiet usefulness, especially in the summer.

Families with members of all ages rely on aircon, sometimes to the benefit of their health. Modern systems are evolving all the time to suit almost any domestic set up. What people may not always appreciate, however, is that air conditioning does more than improve the atmosphere.

As experts in the air conditioning Gympie people love, we know that AC is a very wise investment.

Efficient Systems

Air conditioning systems are becoming more efficient all the time. High efficiency aircon is almost unrecognisable from the older systems which Australians used to use, often reluctantly.

Inverter technology is a particularly useful breakthrough, as it varies the speed at which motors run. This immediately stops the constant clicking on and off that people find so irritating. It also makes maximum use of electricity, which is a vital part of aircon efficiency.

Split systems, which are still the most common for domestic use, can now treat many rooms, rather than one. Efficient compressor units on the outside of buildings work so well that they can cope with the extra volume. These are also sleeker and quieter than the units people used to try and hide from public view.

For larger properties, ducted and zoned AC is even more efficient. Here, the main unit is hidden, usually in a suspended ceiling, within the home. From there, it silently controls the temperature and humidity just where it’s needed. Zoning means the aircon doesn’t have to work at all in certain parts of the building, depending on occupancy.

Cost Savings

The high efficiency air conditioning Gympie residents rely on is a return on investment in many ways. Firstly, there’s the energy bill. A well maintained AC system, designed for the space it serves, can cut bills by up to half on older systems. If you use your aircon a lot, which most people in QLD do, this is a significant yearly saving.

The national and state governments are also introducing stringent energy efficiency ratings, which have financial rewards. High efficiency air conditioning will contribute to a home’s overall rating, which has knock on benefits. Home owners can qualify for rebates on certain items if their property is energy efficient.

Last but not least, high efficiency air conditioning adds value to your home. Apart from the better efficiency rating, a potential buyer will know their bills will be low. This could make the difference between your property and a similar one in your area with less efficient AC.

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