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The Importance of Air Conditioning in Gympie

With average temperatures in the middle of winter never dipping below 20°C during the day, Gympie is one of the hotter parts of the world. That means even in the ‘colder’ months, temperature control is a must. Tony Stephens Refrigeration provides the best air conditioning services Gympie residents can get.

Keeping your temperature constant

A temperature control system is obviously great for cooling down in the heat of summer but they also provide other benefits you may not have thought about.

Most air conditioners not only cool but can be set to warmer temperatures as well. The winter nights can drop to a frigid 8°C which definitely warrants some warming technology. Sometimes, a hot water bottle just doesn’t cut it. 

Keeping your cool

When it is sweltering in the 30s during the summer, physical and mental activities become belaboured as your body goes into overdrive to cool you down. You will sweat more and this leads to dehydration over time.

Without sufficient water, the cells of your body will slow down to conserve hydration and energy. An air conditioning system allows you to keep a steady temperature throughout your space so you can go about business as usual.

Crisp, clean air

Most systems provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and ventilation is a key word here. HVAC systems will bring in fresh air from outside through vents and cool it before delivering it to your home or business.

Older, warm air is circulated out so you will always have a steady, controlled amount of oxygen rich air flowing through. The venting systems are also fitted with filters so any dusts, dirt, bugs or fungal spores get trapped before they reach you and possibly make you ill. 

High and dry

Another benefit of conditioning your air is the removal of excess moisture from outside. Languishing in the wet, hot and heavy summer air can make you feel as though you are pinned down and unable to move, think or even breath.

The sticky, humid air that you feel you can cut with a knife can be the most oppressive of heat but that is all alleviated when the muggy atmosphere is filtered, cooled and conditioned by your HVAC system. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and listless days with the air conditioning Gympie residents deserve provided by Tony Stephens Refrigeration.

You really do need air conditioning in Gympie to take control of your environment at all times of the year, day or night.

A good HVAC can be a literal lifesaver, especially for the elderly. If you have had enough of the cold winter nights and the sluggishly hot summer days, contact Tony Stephens Refrigeration on (07) 5482 8100 or visit www.tonystephensrefrigeration.com.au for the full range of products and services.