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Health Myths Associated with Air Conditioning

Is Air Conditioning Really Bad For Your Health?

It is fair to say that our population has become rather dependent on air conditioning. This is due to the warmer months dominating our seasons here in Australia, particularly in Queensland. It is not uncommon to hear people associate health-conditions and sicknesses with air conditioning. The office air conditioner is usually the first to get the blame when employees start dropping like flies! So, are air conditioners really making us sick? Are there any genuine side-effects and if so, how can we avoid them?

We’re taking a look at the top 3 myths associated with air conditioning and we’re ready to straight the record straight!

Health Myth # 1 – They cause colds…
Rumour has it that a sudden change in temperature could somehow “shock” our bodies, making us more vulnerable to illnesses. There’s never been any proof of this — which makes sense, considering that colds come from viruses, not cold temperatures. Even the Doctors today will tell us, “You don’t get sick from temperatures, you get sick from viruses”. Getting sick from a “cold climate” is still and probably always will be a widespread belief among many people, however, you can be assured that your chances of catching a cold won’t actually increase in your air conditioned home or vs unhealthy air conditioning

Health Myth 2 – They spread diseases…
You will often hear people say that air conditioners are the cause of poor indoor air due to them spreading harmful contaminants. We can assure you that this is not true. Air conditioners can actually prevent allergens and other particles from circulating. If your unit is well maintained, it will actually help keep your air quality good which is why it’s essential to remember the importance of regular services. If your air conditioner is not being properly maintained it can become a home for mould, allergens and other bacteria.

Health Myth # 3 – They disrupt sleep…
Some people say they have trouble falling asleep when the air conditioner is running, but according to recent studies, a majority of people actually believe they sleep easier thanks to the increased comfort of their bedroom. The only way an air conditioner will really interfere with your quality of sleep is if the temperature is set at the wrong level, or if the system is making too much noise. This is something TSR can help with!

Of course, air conditioners can only do their job well if you keep them in tip top condition. When an air conditioner is kept clean and well maintained, it shouldn’t pose any kind of risk to your health. If your office or home air conditioner is outdated or in need of some TLC, the TSR team are more than happy to help.

Drop us a note, or give us a call. We can get started right away!