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During the harsh summer months, trying to get the best out of your air-conditioning can be a full-time preoccupation. To help you get the best out of your efforts to stay cool, the air conditioning repair experts at Tony Stephens Refrigeration have put together a list of expert tips. Read on to find out more.

Seal Leaks to Improve Performance

The simplest way to improve the performance of your AC is to reduce leaks and drafts, which cause your system to work harder to achieve cool temperatures. Doors and windows are often the main culprits as improperly sealed frames can cause your home to be up to 30% energy inefficient.

We recommend checking all your doors and windows for air leaks and sealing them with adhesive weatherstripping for better insulation. The age of your home and the quality of construction will dictate how much attention every crack will need.

Protect Your Home from the Sun

Natural light may be your friend during winter months, but during the hottest part of the year, sunlight streaming in through the windows drastically raises the temperature of a home. Reduce the work your AC unit has to do to cool your home by closing your curtains during the day.

Keep the Filter Clean

The filters of your AC unit play an important role in performance. They trap dust and other foreign particles which could circulate through your home, but require regular cleaning to allow for unrestricted air flow. A clogged AC filter can negatively impact the performance of even a brand new system. We recommend scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance so that your filter can be cleaned by a professional.

Include a Dehumidifier

‘It’s the humidity that kills you,’ is a phrase we’ve all heard before. Running a dehumidifier with your AC is a great way to help your air conditioner, as it draws out the moisture in the air. This helps your AC reduce the temperature of the room quicker.

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