Is Domestic Air Conditioning Essential for a Home?

TSR Tony Stephens Refrigeration has provided Queensland homes with cutting-edge air cooling solutions since 1987. Over the years, we’ve perfected the craft of installing air conditioning systems that protect families from the daunting Australian heat. If you are interested in improving your well-being with excellent air quality all year round, TSR air con has the products and services you need. Read on to find out why TSR AC systems are essential for every home.

Affordable Cooling and Heating

As energy costs for homes rise every year, air conditioning manufacturers have tried to mitigate the problem by making AC units more durable and efficient. Modern air conditioning systems are designed to run 24/7 with internal systems that optimise efficiency. Modern air conditioning systems are energy efficient, compliant with the latest emission norms and designed to work in extreme weather.

Designed for Heat Waves

Heat waves come without warning and have the potential to overwhelm communities. At TSR, our team specialises in air conditioning systems that are designed to adapt to extreme changes in temperature. The air con systems we install can monitor your environment and use advanced sensors to respond to the weather. These systems are energy efficient and capable of regulating temperature with minimal energy use.

Environmentally Friendly

AC systems are energy efficient and valued for their low emission ratings. Modern residential air conditioning systems use environmentally friendly coolants and advanced processing systems that use minimal amounts of energy to power the unit.

Maximise Your Savings

The systems we install are designed to provide customers with significant energy savings. However, there are ways to get even more out of an air con system. Energy saving tips such as sealing doors and windows, closing windows at certain times of the day can help reduce the load on your AC unit, making it even more efficient.

Wide Range of Domestic Air Conditioning Systems in QLD

TSR Tony Stephens Refrigeration is a trusted name in air conditioning in Queensland. We are committed to providing homes with 24-hour service to ensure that your family is protected at all times. Contact us today for comprehensive residential cooling solutions.