Office Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Factors To Consider in Offices, QLD

Choosing the right office air conditioning can often be a complicated process as you try to take into account a number of significant factors that affect AC performance. To help make the process easier, the team at Tony Stephens Refrigeration identifies the most important aspects to consider before choosing air conditioning for office spaces.

Size of the Office

Efficient office air conditioning is all about matching the right AC unit with the right space. Installing a small system in a large space can cause your AC to run for excessively long periods of time without effective cooling. This can lead to high energy bills over time. Similarly, air conditioning in offices which are small can be achieved with less powerful units which require a lower initial investment.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning for Office Spaces

There are many different kinds of air conditioning systems on the market today, each with their pros and cons. The most common systems are:

Split Systems

Split systems have two primary components which include a heating and cooling unit used independently or via a thermostat. They are available in ducted and ductless options and have the advantage of being cost effective and versatile.

Packaged Systems

Many businesses choose packaged systems which are compact and cost-effective. These AC systems are a single unit which contain all the components required for heating and cooling a space.


When it comes to air conditioning for office spaces, saving money while keeping your premises cool is the priority. We recommend ranking your potential AC options by how energy efficient they are. The most efficient systems may have a higher initial cost than their counterparts but provide energy savings in the long term, while also causing a significantly lower impact on the environment.

Office Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance in QLD

At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we have years of experience installing and maintaining air conditioning in offices throughout the Wide Bay and South Burnett region. Contact us today for all your commercial air conditioning needs.