A Guide to Ducted Air Conditioning Cost & Efficiency in Gympie

Ducted air conditioning systems are the gold standard when it comes to heating and cooling an entire home. Featuring a central unit connected by ducts to outlets and sensors in each room, these advanced systems are highly effective and discreet.

At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we supply and install a range of home air conditioning solutions in Gympie and across the Wide Bay and South Burnett regions. Below, we look at ducted air conditioning cost, in terms of both installation and running costs.

Average Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

Ducted systems are the most expensive option compared to other home air conditioning options such as a single split-system. Ducted air conditioning prices vary depending on the brand, energy rating and required size, costing on average:

  • $5000 for an apartment or small home
  • $6000 to $10 000 for a 3-bedroom single storey home
  • $11 000 to $25 000 for a large 4-bedroom 2-storey home

The energy efficiency and convenience offered by ducted systems outweigh the higher installation costs for many homeowners looking for an elegant heating and cooling solution for every zone in their home.

Running Costs for Ducted Systems

Below are the average running costs of ducted air conditioning based on their size, according to tests carried out in reviews by CHOICE.

Size Annual running costs
Small (up to 4kW) $306 to $492
Medium (4 to 6kW) $391 to $552
Large (over 6kW) $286 to $586

Keep in mind your running costs can vary significantly depending on the efficiency of particular ducted systems, how often and when you use it, the temperature levels you set, your electricity tariff, discounts offered by your energy retailer, whether you have solar panels and how well you maintain your ducted system.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Gympie

At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we can recommend and install a ducted air conditioning system that is economical and well suited to the size of your home. Our tailored home air conditioning service schedule also ensures your new system works efficiently for years to come. Call our experts today on 07 5482 8100 or contact us online for a free quote.