Office Airconditioning Temperature

The Ideal Temperature for Office Air Conditioners, QLD

What is the ideal AC temperature for the office? At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we understand how this question has divided countless co-workers and remains a hotly debated issue. Read on to find out how our air conditioning specialists attempt to resolve this age-old debate by drawing upon years of research and experience in office space air conditioning.

Addressing Inconsistent Temperature

One of the reasons co-workers cannot agree on one temperature setting is that not every part of the office is being cooled properly. Direct sunlight in certain parts of the building prevent proper cooling due to radiant heat in the room. The part of the building that receives the most sunlight will always cool less than other areas of the office. In a situation like this, a thermostat setting of 22 degrees Celsius could feel like 24 or 25 in a warmer room. Tinted blinds can help protect a room from direct sunlight, making the air conditioner more effective.

Do Different People Experience Temperature Differently?

Research indicates that the differences in muscle mass and hormonal composition play a significant role in the way that different people perceive room temperature. For example, estrogen production causes the blood to thicken, which reduces blood flow to extremities. Clothing also plays a factor, as if you are wearing long sleeves, you are of course more likely to seek air conditioning.

Vent Positioning

As a professional commercial air conditioning company, we know that often the simplest solution is the most effective. Resolving the debate of office temperature is sometimes as easy as changing the position of vents, to suit different rooms.

Australian Standards for Office Temperature

Even the government has weighed in on this age-old debate. The Australian Standard AS Code of Practice recommends a summer temperature range of 22-24 degrees Celsius and a temperature of two degrees lower in winter.

Trusted Air Conditioning Suppliers in QLD

When it comes to consistent cooling in the work space, choosing experienced air conditioning suppliers to install and regularly maintain your system is the best way to keep employees productive while keeping your operating costs low. Contact Tony Stephens Refrigeration today for end-to-end office space cooling solutions.