Air Conditioner

What to Look for In a Domestic Air Conditioner

There are several types of air conditioners on the Australian market that you can choose from. These include split-system air conditioners, ducted air conditioners, multi-split systems, portable air conditioners and window air conditioners. When it comes to finding the right domestic air conditioner, sometimes you need an expert. That’s why, at Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we offer homes in and around Gympie the perfect choice for their in-home air conditioning. Some features to look out for when choosing a domestic air-conditioner include air purifying filters, sleep modes, automatic de-icing features and an automated turn-on/turn-off capability. We offer a wide range of split-system air conditioners and ducted system air conditioners to keep you and your family comfortable, cool and relaxed.

Split System Air Conditioner

Some air conditioning units, such as our featured split system air conditioners, feature reverse-cycle technology, which allows its users to heat their homes in winter as well as cool their homes throughout the summer. This may be helpful if you live in a part of the country that endures chilly seasonal weather. These in-home air conditioning solutions are often the most popular in Australia as they are both multi-functional and affordable. They are also easy to install, quiet, secure, suitable for all types of décor and very energy-efficient. When it comes to finding the right domestic air conditioner, a split system by TSR could be your home’s next best feature.

Ducted System Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioning systems tend to be the most expensive, while smaller appliances can be relatively cheap by comparison. As a general rule, however, costlier options tend to be more effective, more energy-efficient, and longer-lasting. Ducted systems from TSR allow users to cool the entire home and adjust the temperature of individual rooms. They are also almost invisible, so if you are a fan of a minimalist aesthetic, this is the system for you. They are also highly energy-efficient, as well as cheaper (yet more extensive) to install than split-system air conditioners.

Buy your domestic air conditioner today from the professionals at Tony Stephens Refrigeration and get started on improving the feel of your home this summer.