Why You Need an Air Conditioning Maintenance Schedule

Why You Need an Air Conditioning Maintenance Schedule in Gympie

Scheduled air conditioning maintenance is a must for keeping your system in great condition. At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we specialise in creating and maintaining schedule maintenance programs that improve the performance and lifespan of domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.

How Often Do I Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

The ideal maintenance schedule varies depending on the type of air conditioning system you have, as well as how often it’s used. In general, you should have a service booked in at least once a year. Households or businesses where an HVAC system runs around the clock may require more frequent services, to ensure everything is running as it should.

The best approach is to follow a tailored schedule maintenance program created by a servicing professional that takes your specific system and usage into account.

Benefits of Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping on top of your air conditioning maintenance schedule improves reliability, safety, and satisfaction by:

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Reducing allergens with professional air conditioning cleaning
  • Extending the lifespan of the system
  • Avoiding costly air conditioning repair by spotting issues early

What Air Conditioning Maintenance Involves

Depending on the system, AC maintenance can involve:

  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Deep cleaning of coils
  • Inspecting electrical components for signs of excess heat or damage
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Checking and cleaning ductwork
  • Flushing drains and checking evaporate pumps
  • Looking for leaks and breaks
  • Checking mechanical components for signs of wear
  • Checking airflow and system efficiency

Importance of Professional Air Conditioning Cleaning

While energy efficiency and cost reduction are key to air conditioning maintenance, the importance of air conditioning cleaning is often overlooked. A poorly maintained AC system can aggravate existing health issues, spread viruses, and increase the presence of pollutants, such as dust, pollen, and mould.

You can and should inspect and clean air filters in systems yourself, however, professional air conditioning cleaning is invaluable for diagnosing and solving potentially harmful issues, especially in commercial environments. This includes replacing filters.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Services in Gympie

If you need a high-quality air conditioning service in Gympie or surrounding areas, the highly trained specialists here at Tony Stephens Refrigeration are here to help. From complete refrigeration systems or standard HVACs, our team is up to the task. We’re familiar with a wide range of air conditioning systems, and as a local service, we’re available when you need us.

Get in touch with our experts today on 07 5482 8100 or contact us online for a free quote and scheduled initial maintenance at your convenience.