Getting Your Air Conditioning System Ready for This Summer by An Expert

Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready for This Summer by An Expert

As temperatures start to rise and the days begin to get longer, it’s time to get your air conditioning system ready for summer and the coming months of continuous use. At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we specialise in air conditioning and are big believers in preventative servicing.

By scheduling air conditioning maintenance before summer, you can prevent large energy bills, insufficient cooling, expensive repairs, and unexpected replacements.

Changing Your Filters

Filter maintenance is the quickest, easiest way to ensure your air conditioner works at its maximum efficiency and one of the first things we’ll look at. A clogged filtration system can be as detrimental to functionality as it is to your air quality. You should get your filters checked and changed on a regular basis, but it’s especially important to change them before the spring and summer seasons.

Once a filter becomes too clogged to function, dust, and other airborne pollutants that your unit pulls in begin to cling to interior components. All this extra strain will eventually cause your compressor to work harder and less efficiently. Filters should be changed roughly every 3 months, depending on the system and how often it’s used.

Checking for Leaks

Leaks are a typical cause of air conditioning breakdowns. During the humid months of the year, condensation can come from around your air conditioner vents and cause frustrating water stains. When using your air conditioner, it helps to ensure all the windows and doors are shut properly. Set the thermostat to a mild temperature of around 22 to 24°C.

Clear the Area Around the Unit

As shrubs and plants grow in the lead up to summer, check they aren’t obstructing the outdoor condenser unit, as this can hamper the flow of air. Make sure that you keep the area around the condenser unit clean and clear of debris, to help your system operate at peak efficiency. Be sure nothing is pressed against the back of the unit either, as this causes the compressor to overheat.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Before Summer: What’s Involved?

A professional pre-summer maintenance service from a reputable air conditioning company should include:

A thorough clean of the condenser and evaporator coils
Checking the system has the correct refrigerant and checking their levels
Checking and tightening the electrical connections
Flushing the drains
Checking the overall airflow and system efficiency
Looking for leaks and breaks
Checking mechanical components for signs of wear

Air Con Installation and Servicing in Gympie

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