How Do I Prevent Black Mould in My Air Conditioner in Gympie?

Black mould can quickly become a problem in your home and pose serious health risks, especially during winter. Preventing black mould in the early stages with a few simple steps can eliminate the risk of it spreading. At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we install, repair and service a range of home air conditioning systems in Gympie, the Wide Bay and South Burnett regions, including dealing with air conditioners infected with black mould. Below, we look at how to prevent black mould establishing and spreading.

Mould Prevention Tips

Removing black mould is a difficult task, which can be avoided with the right preventative steps, including:

  • Ensuring all windows are properly sealed
  • Checking your roof for leaks
  • Keeping floors and walls dry after you take a shower
  • Cleaning wet areas up
  • Drying wet clothes outside or in dryer areas
  • Using exhaust fans or open windows to help ventilate wet rooms
  • Monitoring humidity levels in your home with a moisture meter
  • Keeping your home well ventilated by opening windows on dry days to allow fresh air in and reduce moisture and humidity

Indoor plants can also improve indoor air quality, however, moist soil can also encourage mould growth, so keep an eye out for that.

Dehumidifying Using Your Air Conditioner

Depending on the type and brand of air conditioning unit you have, you may notice there is a “dry” setting you can find when toggling through the menu. This is actually a built-in dehumidifier that can be incredibly beneficial for helping to combat the amount of moisture and humidity inside your home. It may be represented by a water droplet symbol on some models.

Preventing Mould Build Up in Your Air Conditioning Unit

Removing black mould from your air conditioning can be incredibly difficult. Clean your air conditioner regularly to prevent this happening in the first place. Ensure filters are regularly cleaned and properly fitted as they are your home’s first line of defence against mould. A regular home air conditioning servicing schedule will include getting your air conditioning filters and ducts cleaned as well as ensuring any evaporation trays in your air conditioning unit are cleaned and disinfected.

Air Conditioning Servicing in Gympie

At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, our air conditioning servicing experts provide a tailored service schedule to ensure your air conditioning unit operates efficiently and stays mould-free. Call today on 07 5482 8100 or contact us online to find out more.