What Size Split Air Conditioning System Do I Need in Gympie?

Tony Stephens Refrigeration are the experts when you need someone to specify, supply and fit air conditioning units in Gympie and across the Wide Bay and South Burnett regions. Here is our guide on the important considerations when choosing what size split system to install.

What Size Split Air Conditioning System Do You Need?

Choosing the right size split system is essential for reducing energy usage and maximising comfort in your home. When considering room size, it’s important to consider the total volume of a space rather than just the floor space. This includes the length, width and ceiling height. Other factors that determine what size home air conditioning system you need include:

  • Are rooms closed or open plan?
  • How well insulated is your home?
  • How hot or cold is it where you live?
  • How many windows are there? How big are they? How thick are they?
  • What kind of blinds, curtains or shades do you have for your windows?

Orientation of your home is also important to consider as it affects how much cold and heat gain each room is subject to. For example, north and west facing windows let in more heat in summer due to increased sun exposure.

Size Guide

Below is an approximate guide to choosing the right capacity air conditioner according to room size. You should generally opt for a slightly higher capacity than what you need. For example, if you need a 5kW model, look for an air conditioner in the 5kW to 5.5kW range.

Room size Capacity
Up to 20 sq m 2 to 2.5kW
20 to 40 sq m 2.5 to 5kW
40 to 60 sq m 4 to 6kW
60 to 80 sq m 5 to 7kW
80 sq m and above 6 to 9kW

Keep in mind this is only a rough guide. Contact your local professional home air conditioning technician to get an accurate calculation that considers all the other relevant influencing factors before purchasing an air conditioner to ensure energy-efficient operation.

Split Air Conditioning Installation in Gympie

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