Do You Have Mould in Your Air Conditioner? Check for These Signs

The presence of mould in our homes is a serious but unfortunately common issue. In warmer climates like Gympie and other areas of Queensland, increased humidity can exacerbate the issue. At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we often help homeowners address mould issues in their air conditioning unit in Gympie and across the Wide Bay and South Burnett regions. Here are some common warning signs of mould in your home air conditioning.

Strange Odours

Your air conditioning unit should emit clean, odourless air. If you notice musty, unpleasant smells coming from your air conditioner when you turn it one, it can be a sign that mould may be present. Sometimes the musty smell will always be present in your home then get worse after turning the air conditioning unit on.

Regular Illness

If you or other members of your household suffer from coughs, colds, congestion, sore throats, sneezing, itchy eyes and skin irritation at an unusual rate, mould in your air conditioner could be to blame. Black mould can cause and exacerbate various respiratory problems and other symptoms, with children, elderly people, asthma sufferers and people with immunity issues being particularly at risk.

Visible Signs of Mould

The simplest way of checking whether there’s mould in your air conditioner is by visually inspecting it. If you notice black spots similar to those found in bathrooms and elsewhere in a mouldy home, it’s a sign your unit is infested. Regular air conditioner cleaning is essential for preventing this, including clearing out filters at the recommended intervals.

Your air conditioning unit is the first line of defence against mould in your home so once infested, it can spread throughout the home. A regular home air conditioning servicing schedule will ensure your air conditioning filters and ducts are cleaned to prevent any mould establishing. If you already have a mould problem, an expert technician can help resolve the issue for you.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Air Conditioning Cleaning in Gympie

Do you need help addressing a mould issue in your home air conditioning? The experts at Tony Stephens Refrigeration can help with tailored air conditioning cleaning and servicing that removes and prevents mould outbreaks in your home. Call us on 07 5482 8100 or contact us online to find out more.