Guide to Achieving Better Indoor Air Quality in Gympie

Indoor air pollution can include everything from pollen and dust to mould spores, exhaust fumes from vehicles, pollutants from gas stoves and fine particles from burning wood. At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we supply and install modern, high-quality split air conditioning systems that can help improve indoor air quality in Gympie and across the Wide Bay and South Burnett regions.

The Problem of Indoor Air Pollution

We all spend an increasingly significant amount of our time indoors at home, work, school, in restaurants and in other commercial and public buildings. The problem is that the air in indoor spaces can actually be five times more polluted than outside air according to studies by the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Change. A lack of air circulation and fresh air allows pollutants to build up without an air conditioning unit with the right filtration systems.

Impact of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can create or exacerbate a variety of mild and serious health issues. While it’s bad for everyone, those particularly at risk include:

  • Asthma sufferers
  • Elderly people
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • People with diabetes
  • People with heart disease or respiratory diseases
  • Active adults who exercise outdoors

Poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, nausea, cold-like symptoms and general discomfort to the eyes, throat and nose.

How a Quality Air Conditioning Unit Helps

High-quality split air conditioning systems improve indoor air quality by filtering out allergens, bacteria, viruses, mould and other pollutants while offering humidifying and ventilation capabilities. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can capture 99.95% of common airborne particles. Inbuilt air purifiers also eliminate bacteria and odours, making our homes healthier and more comfortable.

Home Air Conditioning That Improves Air Quality in Gympie

At Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we can recommend and install a home air conditioning system that is efficient and helps keep your indoor air clean. Our tailored service schedule also ensures your system works effectively in the long term. Call our air conditioning specialists today on 07 5482 8100 or contact us online for a free quote.