Tips for Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

As Australian summers become hotter and drier, a commercial air conditioning system is an investment that businesses can no longer ignore. While the prospect of a large air-conditioning system can seem daunting, here at TSR Tony Stephens Refrigeration, we put our customers at ease by providing world-class, end-to-end commercial air conditioning solutions. Before you purchase your system, here are some factors to consider, courtesy of the TSR air con team.

Type of Commercial Establishment

The type of establishment you work in will influence the system you choose. Challenges with air cooling and heating differ from one space to another. Is your location an industrial space where machinery is used? Are you considering an AC for a retail shop or cafe where doors are opened and closed several times a day? The sales and service team at TSR will help you determine the right system for your needs by taking usage, temperature and location into account.

Size of the Commercial Space

Commercial spaces can be as small as a neighbourhood cafe or a large-scale industrial space. One of the most important decisions as a business owner is to choose the right size of AC for the location. For instance, a system that is too small would not cool the space properly and increase energy costs. An air conditioning system that is too big would result in a waste of energy and increase initial costs. At TSR Tony Stephens Refrigeration, a team of experts conducts a detailed site visit to fully understand your needs.

Condition of Ductwork

If your commercial space has pre-installed ducts, TSR recommends hiring an expert who can verify the condition of the system. Outdated or damaged ducting systems are extremely inefficient and can have leaks that waste energy. Replacing or repairing AC ducts once a new system is installed can be expensive and cause delays.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes down to it, the most important question is, “How much will it cost me?” Here at TSR, we provide AC systems that consume minimal energy, emit fewer harmful gases and give customers the perfect experience. Energy efficient systems justify your investment by giving you high-quality cooling and heating at the best possible rates.

World Class Cooling for Commercial Spaces in QLD

At TSR, we take pride in helping commercial clients create the perfect environment for employees and customers. Contact us to find out more about TSR ACs for large and small business locations.