Some Things To Remember About Using An Air Conditioner

How can you ensure you use your air conditioner effectively? There’s a few things to remember if you want to get the best out of your system, and the team at Tony Stephens Refrigeration in Gympie, Queensland can guide you. Read on for expert advice on caring for your AC unit so that you can rely on efficient cooling at your home or business.

Regular Maintenance

Some simple and regular maintenance can help to keep your air conditioner in excellent working order for longer. For instance, air conditioners include filters that prevent you from breathing in harmful particles. If your filters aren’t regularly cleaned, they won’t clean the air effectively.

If you only use your air conditioner once every three months, the filters need to be cleaned. If you use your air conditioner often, you should clean or replace the filters every two months.

Annual Servicing

An annual inspection or maintenance appointment for your cooling system is highly recommended, so a professional can examine your system and carry out any essential repairs or maintenance. Tony Stephens Refrigeration provides a comprehensive servicing solution that will allow you to get all the maintenance your system needs. Feel free to give us a call to learn more and get a free quote on Gympie air conditioning from our experienced team.

Save Money and Energy

Close the vent for the air conditioner in any of your rooms that are not currently being utilised. The power that is being wasted on the vacant room may either be preserved or redistributed to other areas of the building that are in use. To prevent losing energy in other ways as well, block off the airflow to unused areas such as closets and cupboards. If you need any advice about using your system, you can always call us at Tony Stephens Refrigeration and we’ll be happy to help.

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