Split System Air Conditioning Cleaning

Breathe Easy: The Ultimate Guide to Split System Air Conditioning Cleaning in Gympie

Improve indoor air quality and system performance with routine split system air conditioning cleaning. TSR provides air conditioning inspection and maintenance services in Gympie. Cleaning your split system is something you can often do yourself, however. Below, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to clean your own system.

Remove the Cover

Turn your split system off at the switch and remove the cover. If mounted on the wall, you may need a chair or step ladder. The cover on most models can be removed by gently tugging on the hinge located on the side.

Remove the Filters

Air filters play the important role of capturing pollutants from the outside air before pumping cool or warm air into your house. Since this is where dust, dirt and pollen builds up, clearing debris from your air filters is an essential part of your split system air conditioning cleaning routine. Most models allow you to lift the filters up and out towards you using a little tab.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Depending on their condition, usage and filter type, you can either quickly ocean your air filters or replace them if they are disposable or particularly worn and dirty. Start by using a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt, dust and pollen off. If required, clean them under cool or warm water with dishwashing liquid. Ensure your filter is completely dry before placing it back in the system.

Clean the Inside of the Split System

Vacuum the condenser coils and the inside of the air conditioner behind the filters to remove any dust. A brush fitting for your vacuum works well for this. Take care not to knock any components around to avoid damage to any of the inner mechanics. Wipe down the fins and other plastic components with a damp cloth if required.

Split System Air Conditioning Cleaning Services in Gympie

If you need assistance with split system air conditioning cleaning, the experts at TSR can help. We’ll take the stress and hassle of cleaning your split system, including more difficult tasks like cleaning outdoor units in difficult to reach places or by using specialised coil cleaning product to give the system a thorough clean. Call us on 07 5482 8100 or contact us online for services in Gympie.