Choosing The Right Air Con System

Choosing the Right Home Air Conditioning System

When it comes to finding the right domestic air conditioning solution for your Gympie or Queensland home, the professionals at Tony Stephens Refrigeration are here to help. You will want to take into consideration room size, room insulation, location and orientation when choosing in-home air conditioning. This is because all air conditioning systems operate differently and all have their own pros and cons, best suited to different types of functionality and living arrangements. If you are still unsure about which domestic air conditioning system to choose, feel free to contact the experts at Tony Stephens Refrigeration and we can help you find the perfect home solution today.

1. Room Size

What’s the length, width and ceiling height of your room? When it comes to domestic air conditioning, while floor space is important, so is the total volume of a room. A room with high ceilings will require more energy to cool and will therefore need a more powerful system.

2. Insulation

Are the ceilings and the walls of your room insulated? What is underneath and on top of the room? Ceiling insulation is one of the most significant factors in making your home thermally efficient, so make sure that you are aware of the insulation properties before choosing which domestic air conditioner is suitable for your space.

3. Location

Where do you live? A room in Darwin will need a more powerful air conditioner for cooling compared to an otherwise identical room in Hobart. For residential or commercial spaces in Gympie, Queensland, the experts at Tony Stephens Refrigeration recommends split-system air conditioning for a seasonal benefit.


Which way does your room face? A large north or west-facing window can let in a lot of heat in summer. This means your in-home air conditioning must be more powerful, like our available ducted system air conditioning. Whereas a shaded, southern-facing window will be cooler and could benefit from the heating options of a split system air conditioner.

Contact us today for a free quote on the installation or maintenance of your domestic air conditioning. Alternatively, buy an in-home air conditioning system today from the experts at Tony Stephens Refrigeration, and know that you’re investing in quality.