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Office Air Conditioning: Improving Productivity in Gympie

Comfort is essential for employee productivity in the office. When we’re too cold, too hot or dealing with humid or dry air, we become distracted and irritable. By investing in quality air conditioning, businesses can ensure all their workers are set up to do their best each day. Here, the team at Tony Stephens Refrigeration outlines some of the key benefits of quality air conditioning in the office.

Create a Better Work Environment

A well maintained, high quality office air conditioning system maximises indoor comfort and as a result, productivity. When the office is too warm or humid, people start feeling more tired and sluggish while being too cold can make us feel stiff. By adjusting the temperature of your AC system to create a comfortable environment throughout the day, employees can find it much easier to focus on their work.

Reduce Health Problems

A comfortable environment goes beyond just how we feel. It also improves productivity by reducing health problems in the workplace. This includes the risk of developing colds from low temperatures, dizziness or nausea from excessive warmth and dry skin or dry eyes from cold, dry air.

Modern HVAC systems eliminate airborne particles in the office that can contribute to respiratory illnesses along with other pollutants like fumes, gases, pollen, bacteria, mould and dust. This reduces pressure on our immune systems, meaning we’re spending more time healthy and productive at work instead of being sick at home.

Proper air conditioning installation in Sydney by the professionals will help maintain the perfect temperature in your workplace throughout the day or night. Therefore, employees end up taking fewer sick leaves and work more productively instead.

 Maintain A Consistent Temperature

To maintain an ideal temperature for a comfortable office environment while running your AC efficiently, aim to set your thermostat between 22°C and 24°C. Remember to take humidity levels into consideration as well as other relevant factors like current climatic conditions.

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