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Engaging qualified and well-trained refrigeration and air conditioning contractors is ultimately the best option for commercial and residential projects, repairs and ongoing maintenance. It is not worth the risk otherwise. Today, we’re looking at a few important factors to be aware of before choosing your preferred contractor.

Compliant Contractors Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Regulations for reason

The level of regulation in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is heavy.  We have a high degree of regulation to abide by, with stringent registration and licensing controls enforced at the state and territory level. Technically, this should restrict entrance into the market to suitably qualified contractors but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Quality standards govern the methods of installation, testing techniques and the performance and safety attributes of the equipment installed.

TSR is aware that staying compliant with the strict regulations generally increases the cost of doing business but can identify the direct benefits and assurance of quality it offers for their customers, employees and the environment.

Avoid long-term pain: save costs the right way

TSR have been in the industry and business for over 30 years and understand the increased pressure in today’s economy. Times can be tough and competition across all sectors is becoming somewhat fierce. We, however, want consumers and businesses to be aware that “saving costs” in the short-term by using unqualified and unlicensed contractors or a “DIY handyman” is not going to benefit you in the long run.

These unqualified and unlicensed workers have the power to offer their “services” at a cheaper rate without the customer truly understanding the licences required to carry out the scope of works. This opens up an array of opportunities for liability issues, unnecessary breakdowns, operational problems, and not to mention the safety and legality concerns associated with it.

We’re encouraging you to keep supporting your local, qualified and well-trained contractors to avoid pain and save costs the right way.

Contractors must tick the boxes

Qualifications, licences and design capabilities are three things you must look for when choosing your preferred contractor. Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the formal qualification issued after successfully completing 4 years’ of the practical and theoretical learning of the trade.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor Licences

TSR’s technicians are fully qualified, and have been trained and handpicked for their proven analytical abilities. We are also proud to have trained thirteen apprentices, all of whom are still active and successful in the industry today. Ongoing training is at the forefront of TSR and will continue to be as we are always looking to improve our level of service.

Are they over the limit? QBCC Limited vs. Unlimited Design

QBCC’s (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) limited and unlimited design licences allow contractors to design works for varying refrigeration, air conditioning and mechanical services.  As the name states, the limited licence is obviously limited to a certain specification, whilst an unlimited licence permits the contractor to engineer and work with the largest-scale projects.

A few of the restrictions associated with a limited design licence include buildings that;

  • Are more than 3 storeys high
  • Have a floor area more than 2000 M2
  • Have a system/s with a capacity of more than 34kW and;
  • Have a system/s that does not form part of a fire or smoke hazard management system

TSR holds an unlimited design licence and is therefore qualified to design air conditioning systems of all sizes. This licence is most important and will always be made available to the client for their security and safety. On many occasions we have been able to design and construct projects under the licence. The success of these projects is reflected by the continued maintenance contracts established since completion.

So, is your contractor doing it the right way?

It might be time to ask yourself the question. Is your contractor compliant and competent to carry out the scope of works they have set out to complete? Are they focused on regulations and quality rather than cutting costs and quantity?

No question is a silly question in this game. Consumers and businesses should feel confident and comfortable with their choice of contractor.

It’s not worth the risk otherwise.

Qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors